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Upgrading Your Home: A Guide to Swapping Old Taps for Mixer Taps


Mixer taps offer versatility and convenience in various areas of your home, available in diverse styles, finishes, and sizes. If you're looking to consolidate control for hot and cold water into a single, user-friendly knob, replacing separate taps with a mixer tap is an ideal solution. This comprehensive guide provides insights into the process of removing traditional hot and cold water taps and seamlessly installing a mixer tap.

Understanding Mixer Taps:

What Is A Mixer Tap?

A mixer tap blends hot and cold water simultaneously through a single spout, allowing users to adjust the temperature with a single lever. Unlike traditional designs with separate taps, mixer taps offer unified control and are available for basins, baths, bidets, and even kitchens, boasting both modern and classic styles.

Changing Hot and Cold Water Taps to a Mixer Tap:

Step One: Shut Off the Water Supply

Identify and turn off the isolating valve attached to the hose outputs to cut off the water supply. If individual isolation valves are absent, use the main stopcock. Confirm that water circulation has ceased before proceeding.

Step Two: Disassemble Existing Taps

Disassembly steps vary based on the tap location:

Kitchen Sink Taps:

  • Disconnect taps from the water supply using an open-handed spanner.

  • Unscrew the nut holding the fixture and remove the taps.

  • Clean the open mains pipe connections under the sink.

Bath Taps:

  • Access flexible pipe connectors beneath the bathtub.

  • Disconnect the connectors using an adjustable wrench.

  • Remove the old taps and clean the surrounding area.

Shower Taps:

  • Turn the shower anticlockwise to remove it entirely.

  • Ensure removal of all accessories, washers, extensions, spindles, and adapters.

  • Use long-nose pliers to clear any debris from the open outlet.

Step Three: Connect the Mixer Tap

Kitchen Mixers:

  1. Ensure the mixer is watertight and apply the seal to the hoses.

  2. Pass hoses through the sink hole and secure the mixer in place.

  3. Use stabilisation ring, tightening seal, and nut to secure the mixer.

  4. Adjust the mixer orientation if needed and tighten the nut.

Bath and Shower Mixers:

  1. Install crank connectors into hot and cold water taps.

  2. Attach flange covers, apply plumbing tape, and screw the connectors.

  3. Insert rubber washer into the mixer nut and connect it to the wall crank connector.

  4. Tighten the joint with a spanner and secure the cover cap.

  5. Attach the shower hose to the mixer tap.

Benefits of Mixer Taps:

1. Cost-effectiveness:

  • Flow restrictors prevent excessive water use, saving on energy bills.

2. Ease of Use:

  • Adjust temperature seamlessly with a single control lever.

3. Aesthetics:

  • Varied designs and finishes enhance the visual appeal.

4. Convenience:

  • Easy temperature control for baths, handwashing, or shaving.

5. Versatility:

  • Suitable for basins, baths, and kitchens, providing diverse application options.

How Does A Mixer Tap Work?

Mixer taps contain valves or butterflies that regulate water flow through tiny holes. Activating the faucet adjusts these holes, allowing users to control flow rate and temperature effortlessly.

Bath-Shower Mixer Tap:

Operates similarly but includes a shower handset. Diverter valves enable switching between taps and the shower.

Professional Installation:

While the DIY process is outlined, hiring a plumber ensures a correct and hassle-free installation. The intricacies involved may warrant professional assistance, particularly if uncertainty exists about the process's precision.


Upgrading to mixer taps not only enhances functionality but also brings aesthetic appeal to your home. Whether in the kitchen, bathroom, or shower, the ease of use, cost-effectiveness, and versatility make mixer taps a practical choice. Whether opting for a DIY approach or seeking professional help, the key lies in creating a seamless transition from traditional taps to modern, unified control, providing enhanced convenience and a touch of elegance to your living spaces.

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